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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tony Romo

"I have sadly come to the realization that while some athletes perform better knowing they have a hot little piece of ass waiting for them in the stands our quarterback gets as nervous and unfocused as I do once I realize the authorities have arrived. Romo, listen to me. Your about a season and a half away from Cowboys enthusiasts forgetting that you were once dubbed as being a promising young quarterback and Jerry Jones realizing T.O. wasn't really the problem."

Sorry you missed the rest of the post... maybe next time you'll read it when we post it :-) Enjoy the randomness...


Rob Woodfork said...

The Cowboys will do nothing this year and Romo is the chief reason why. Enjoy your 7-9 season.

Melissa said...

I am afraid you might be right. So tell me as a Redskin fan your no stranger to disapointing seasons, how do you usually cope?

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