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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cheap Shots

I was waiting for Khloe Kardashian to disappoint me. I guess I just hoped it would be in a less tragic manner. Let me start off my saying that any woman over the age of twenty that dives head first into a premature short-term engagement needs to be hung in the streets and left lifelessly as an example of what not to do.

Really Khloe? One whole month. Its almost as if she proposed to the first guy that upon meeting her didn't introduce himself then immediately ask "so...where's Kim?" I swear to God Khloe if your not pregnant I won't know what to think. Proposing to or agreeing to marry the first guy in years that has been willing to ball you out excessively just isn't good decision making. Lauren had such high hopes for you. Always the realist, I knew you would annihilate your humorous level headed image at some point. I just hoped it would be via a short run fling with a notorious bad boy, a sex tape or two, or maybe even by pooping out a bastard child like your other sister. You know, something I could excuse or even condone.


Dominique said...

shes engaged to rashad mccants?

jwriter said...

I think she is trying to compete with her sister's something it seems she's been doing all her life. She probably has a poor self-image of herself. I mean she is tall and has a stocky kind of body unlike her sisters. I think that it isn't a smart move especially after only dating someone for a month. WOW

Lauren said...

No, Lamar Odom from what I heard. Either way, next stop: messy divorce.

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