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Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Talk Shit, Get Hit!"
LaGerrette Blount vs. Byron Hout

"Talk Shit! Get Hit!" as an avid supporter of this type of jail house mentality its needless to say that I was very entertained by the video showing LaGarrette Blount, running back for Oregon donkey punching the Boise's defensive end Byron Hout after their devastating loss.
(Refer to You Tube Link Below)"

"Obviously it sucks to be Blount. I feel for him. His uncontrollable temper while sexually arousing, isn't exactly helpful when dealing with people in positions of authority. His career is over but at the end of the day it's apparent that he doesn't put up with any shit...from anyone. Unfair....maybe. A complete result of his own stupidity? It is decidedly so."


Jen said...

I think he screwed himself, by attack fans on the sideline AND his own teammates. He had a complete meltdown. He didn't just punch the guy, he went all out, Ron Artess (SP?)

In the end, some team, somewhere will sign him in a year. He still gets to work-out and practice with the team as if he was still playing.

I do agree...the other player should have been suspended at least a game or two. They won by a 8543284 points, why NOT add a lil salt in the wound of the Pac-10's best RB.

They are both soon to be overpaid crybabies.

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