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Monday, September 7, 2009

Entertainment Review: 650 lb. Virgin

"Luckily for one girl out there, David decided to wait until he finds his wife before he has sex. Great, now she has to wait until she gets a ring before she fakes her way through the "It's OK... it happens to everyone" pep talk. I have to give it to him, he's smart. This way she has to go through years of legal battles to forget her worst sexual mishap, rather than the typical strategy of simply changing your phone number."

Sorry you missed the rest of the post... maybe next time you'll read it when we post it :-) Enjoy the randomness...


Anonymous said...

- Harrison

jwriter said...

"Being an adult and hopefully dating adult women, I'm going to assume the number of women that are willing to put up with a grown man crying after a 3 stroke lay has drastically decreased." Maybe I should read all the posts I've missed first before picking a quote of the month.

I saw this show as the title also captured me. It was sad that the poor guy weighed so much, lost it, and then was left with saggie boobs for an entire body. I couldn't watch it anymore because he was a cool guy being documented as the poster child for low self-esteem and friends/trainers who were probably only interested in getting on tv and making fun of him behind his back. I was so going to say something else, but I will leave the low blows to you guys lol. You do it so well and it brings me such pleasure.

Great post.

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