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Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Entertainment Review
A Conversation Regarding Cougar Town

LAUREN: "I'm watching this random show Cougar Town with Courtney Cox... since I don't have cable, I just watch hulu. Courtney's character is 40 something and just got divorced. Her single friend convinces her to go to the bar with her... Courtney meets this much younger guy, and after a few drinks says "you're hot as balls!". She later freaks out and leaves him at the bar because she realizes how old she is...
she's at home and hears the doorbell ring. It's the young guy that she was talking to @ the bar. She looks behind him and sees her extremely drunk friend in a car and the friend yells "Hey, you left that at the bar, bitch!!"
Honest to God, I think that was a foreshadowing into the future... I say inappropriate things like "you're hot as balls" and you call me a bitch every chance you get... There's no need for me to mention it's more than likely you would be drunk as well."

MELISSA: "....that oddly sounds like something I would do....but then I would have to sleep over your house while your banging out the hot piece that I dragged to your house without your permission....because he drove my car there and I no longer have the luxury of drinking and driving...at least not registered vehicles."

LAUREN: Yes, we need to make this happen. It's scary, this chick even kinda looks like you... she was just running and said "can we stop? It feels like my boobs are trying to kill me" (another thing you'd say.)

MELISSA: Im not gonna lie...that sounds alot like my life. We need to head back to Maryland and make this happen.


MELISSA: "Ok, I am watching Cougar Town and I am entertained...slightly annoyed but none the less. Every character other than the female neighbor and the hot divorced guy across the street can pretty much only be tolerated in small doses. I would likely agree... to marry the male slut across the street but that's solely as a result of his sarcastic quick wit, Olympic sexual appetite, and unwillingness to behave like an adult. I think I am in love."

LAUREN: "I liked the female neighbor the drunk friend and the divorced guy. I agree... he was really hot and I think he deserves my underwear balled in the corner of his living room. Courtney cox was tolerable at best, but mostly bcuz i enjoy moms acting more like teens then their kids. on tv... not real life. I'm not gonna lie.... I'm excited about the potential of this life.."


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