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Friday, September 4, 2009

Good Cop (Melissa)/Bad Cop (Lauren)
- Dane Cook

"Don't be too hard on him people, at one point he really was quite entertaining. Just think of him how I do. It's kind of how boxing fanatics think of Mohamed Ali, minus all the love and adoration. While he was once entertaining and gifted at his craft it has become painfully obvious that he is no longer in "fighting form." It's cool Dane, no big deal just don't be the Brett Farve of stand up. Learn to bow out gracefully because right now the most entertaining portion of your comedy is seeing others mock it profusely. "
"Good Cop"

"I still have no idea how he became famous. I don't even know who to blame for his fame, but I guess I'll start with Melissa for going to several of his shows. If I could give him any feedback on how to not suck so bad, I'd let him know that just because you move really fast and talk really loud, doesn't mean what you're saying is funny." "Bad Cop"


jwriter said...

Dang Lauren Dang...KY Jelly though?

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