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Monday, September 21, 2009

News to Melissa
Bedsheet Break Out

Police: Escaped inmate rappelled down building using bedsheets

(CNN) -- Texas authorities on Sunday were searching for a convicted burglar who escaped from a medical facility by rappelling off the building using a string of bedsheets, officials said.

I don't know about you but nothing warms my heart like a good prison escape. Due to my inability to conform to a traditional lifestyle, my tendency to over indulge in mind altering substances, and my knack for running with the wrong crowd I realized a couple of years ago how easy it was to wind up on the wrong side of the law. My brief fling with county lock ups, probation officers, and legal fees definitely left an impression on me. I decided that this type of thing just wasn't an option for me. As a result of this I trickle out of the bar suddenly at the mention of police officers, keep my lawyer on retainer, and promised myself that if I was ever facing anything longer than a fourteen month spread my bags would be packed as soon as I made bail. A weekend visit is one thing leasing a room share there is quite another.

It is because of this that I enjoy the occasional prison escape movie and appear giddy when confronted with news of one of the escapes actually taking place in real life. Good luck to you sir. I can only hope your quick wit doesn't end there. Hopefully you'll realize that your best options now are a paperless job, a counterfeit green card, and an all around fresh start. I would avoid old hang outs and pissing off your baby's mother for awhile if I were you. I would be extremely disappointed if after all that effort you wound up getting hemmed up because she caught you at the bar with your next sexual conquest, and anonymously informed the county sheriff of your "likely" where abouts. Trust me, these things happen.


jwriter said...

Scary, but it was good advice you have to him.

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