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Sunday, September 6, 2009

How We Got This Name...

"Lauren realized that the banter that she and Melissa was having was the stuff dreams were made of; it needed to go public. So she updated her Facebook status to "I'm trying to figure out who will give us a reality show". After a few comments, Lauren's mom decided to chime in. In an attempt to continue making fun of Lauren's "kinds of days" Lauren's mom said, "It's a Melissa, Lauren kind of show (still making fun of Laur)". So that very weekend, Melissa and Lauren sat in a bar... Lauren drinking a Sprite, Melissa sipping a beer. It was then that they started making plans to create a blog that gave us a chance to publicly mock the things that we once mocked privately. The title Melissa decided to go with... "It's a Melissa, Lauren Type of Thing."


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