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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cheap Shots- Tyra Banks

"But for some reason, every time I looked at her, I never saw a model. I saw something closer to a club hopping drag queen. She's naturally pretty, despite her forehead, so the additional layer of makeup along with the unconvincing weaves were just frustrating. After all, she is 5'10". The dangerous combination of height, weaves, too much makeup and stripper shoes screams drag queen. I'm an inch shorter than her and I shy away from anything with a heel higher than flip flops."

Sorry you missed the rest of the post... maybe next time you'll read it when we post it :-) Enjoy the randomness...


jwriter said...

Queen of Talk Shows maybe not! People say anything out their mouths nowadays.

DB said...

How would you be able to tell her real hair was "pretty"?? It was soaking WET for god sake!

Lauren said...

True, but it still looks better than the weaves she's been sporting. I was honestly beginning to think she was hiding small children under that fake hair. Or maybe a TV show that was actually entertaining.

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