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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Concern- Chronic Pregnancy Scares

I think we can all remember a pep talk you had to pretend to believe in order to keep a friend from throwing herself down a flight of stairs. I think most females, myself included, have been on either side of that pep talk. But the other extreme of this very normal situation is having your monthly period come as a complete shock to you every month. If instead of running for the bottle of Midol and a gallon of ice cream, you're popping bottles of Moet toasting to another dodged bullet, you're not doing something right. If your relationship is better measured in pregnancy scares than in years, it's time for a change. What can you say to a friend like this? Anything is better then the typical rolling of the eyes as you nudge their pack of birth control pills towards them suggestively.

I've experienced the painful reminder of having to take birth control pills daily, despite going through a sexual spell drier than the Sahara. But I have to admit it's better than having a child I'd likely have to send to a sweat shop in order to pay for diapers. If all else fails, make the Plan B pill your best friend. At least this best friend will be able to offer you more than the empty promise of "Don't worry, I'll babysit on weekends".



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