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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lauren's Free Advice: Stop Asking Post-Breakup Questions

"Either way, you don't deserve that and they are total assholes for cheating. Just don't ask those questions. Take the recent snub and keep living your life with the last shred of dignity you have left. Key his car, sleep with his best friend, email his church those kinky pictures he took wearing nothing but a crucifix and the Bible... do whatever you have to in order to feel better about yourself without the use of foolish inquiries. It's pretty likely they will lie to you anyway."

Sorry you missed the rest of the post... maybe next time you'll read it when we post it :-) Enjoy the randomness...


jwriter said...

"You don't really want to know that she has a mouth like a Hoover and could give better head while unconscious then you ever could," Quote of the month LOL.

Good show old chap. LOL Mouth like a Hoover. Where do you guys get this stuff LOL.

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