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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Ugly Truth About The Ugly Truth

I got more original information about the single male psyche watching The Little Women. The broad generalizations were more abundant then the jokes that actually made you laugh. Overall, this movie was drenched in disappointment. For all you single girls out there just trying to increase your dating IQ, you're honestly better off watching The Rock of Love for tips, because this movie will sorely let you done."


jwriter said...

Dang both you and Melissa gave it a bad review. It must was truly bad. I'm getting sick of seeing her in those types of movies anyway. It should have stopped with 27 dresses and Knocked-up!!!

Lauren said...

I actually liked those movies, but now I'm just annoyed with her. Time to branch out, sweetie.

Melissa and I both were covering our faces in shame... the movie was THAT bad.

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