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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jon & Kate: Match made in Bizzaro Heaven

"After their recent announcement that they are filing for divorce, I heard a collective gasp of sarcastic shock sound around the country. Even that blind guy from American Idol could have seen this coming."
"As for those kids… Let’s hope Mady finds someone as easily manipulated as her father, because she’s a mini-bitch already."


Melissa said...

Nothing confuses me more, then how a pierced ear is still every whipped mans wet dream of an indication of a rebellious turn or an indication of an unexpected bad boy. Give me a break, my ears were pierced when I was 14, that fact that you grew balls at 32 and decided to take the plunge....is just sad. You are actually closer to a female adolescent attempting to join the masses then you ever will be to an on edge "loose cannon." I weep for the sheltered girl that finds this dangerous, or even appealing.

Melissa said...

Oh and randomnly...he reminds me of a gay, more asian...Joshua Toth. But maybe thats just me.

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