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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lauren's Free Advice

It’s pretty natural for girls to turn to their friends when they need guidance on relationship related issues. I may not be your friend, but this little nugget of advice is free:

If you spent the first 2 months of your relationship trying to figure out where you know your boyfriend from, only to find that he was a recurring sting victim on To Catch a Predator, it's time to see other people. The warning signals for this are that every time you role play he insists you wear the "school girl" outfit. He's also no longer attracted to you between waxes, claiming the pre-pubescent look is more "authentic" to the role. That's not a good enough reason and he is not going change. Leave him alone.

Best wishes sweet peas. Keep looking… “the one” is out there. Let’s just hope he’s straight.


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