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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Basic Topic: Chris Brown & Rihanna Beating

"Let me be completely transparent. I'm not an advocate for domestic violence offenders. I was kind of OK with the idea of Jay-Z making good on his threat to kick Chris' ass. He needs to have some repercussions. But the only difference between Chris and me is that he makes his mistakes in public, and I make mine in cheap motels (I kid!). He said he's sorry. So let's pretend like we're 5 and I just drank your juice box... let's move on."


Melissa said...

It was actually wynettes tweety bird not a teddy, and in all fairness we did give her a chance to save it from destruction in the form of a ransom....and we didn't apolgize.

well, honestly we destroyed it prior to her even recieving the ransom demand but only because we had the foreshadowing of Gods and knew she wouldn't be able to pay up anyhow.

Lauren said...

OMG, I completely forgot about that. That was exceptionally fucked up... didn't she cry? Poor thing.

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