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Monday, July 20, 2009

Grow Up.

"If I wanted to be boringly bitter, I would have settled down and married the first guy I dated out of high school. You know, not the one I really fell for, the other one. The one I could have treated like shit and gotten to support me and however many kids I decided to poop out. If I wanted to pack my car full of ruder mini versions of myself I wouldn't have popped morning after pills as if they were Pez. If I wanted to hate my job and myself for having to wake up ridiculously early every morning, I would have settled into a more traditional form of employment."


Lauren said...

All very true... waking up early sucks balls.

jwriter said...

First I ask did someone recently say this to you? If yes, please direct them to this post so they may read your blunt response. Secondly, do you really live your life like a weekend? That sounds cool and although I have a lot of fun in my life, I only wish I didn't stress over success and my next move!!! Finally I enjoyed reading this and I appreciate your honesty. I look forward to reading more.

Jennifer Cornwell said...

How do you poop out a kid? LOL

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