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Monday, January 16, 2012

News to Me: Serena Williams' Love Life

Maybe I'm the last to know that Common was involved with Serena Williams, so forgive me for my late expression of disgust. There was a recent article write up about her love life, or lack there of, that reports she "can be super picky, never satisfied". Talk about beggars being choosers! There is no amount of money or talent in the world that can convince me that she is worth the attention of Common. There is a basic law of the universe that comes into play here: if you look like a derivative of a horse, you forfeit your right to be "super picky". You take what the hell you can get. The article goes on to say that Serena complains that she hasn't been on a date in "forever". I wonder why.

This is a common complaint I hear among women that frustrates me. Women as a gender are exceptionally more picky when it comes to dating then men. After a first date, a man is more likely to be interested in a second date with a woman if she is attractive, fun, and somewhat interesting. Women will refuse a second date because she didn't like the color shoes a man was wearing, a joke that he made, or how he pronounced particular wine. If you're single and actively want a mate, sometimes you have let certain bullshit go in order to see if there are things beneath it all that are worth coming back for. Don't get me wrong, I've refused a second date with a guy because I thought he had a lame tattoo and called too much, but I also didn't go home that night wanting a boyfriend. Being single/content and single/miserable are two very different things. The perfect man does not exist. Your only goal in dating should be to find a man whose annoying flaws aren't total deal breakers (i.e. abusive, cheating, and/or Katherine Heigl fan).

The moral of the story is, stop being so picky, ladies. And if at all possible, avoid looking like a horse.



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