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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good Cop/Bad Cop: Kim Kardashian

Good Cop

I'm not gonna say that I've never seen her shows, I will say however that I paid it about as much attention as I would to an autistic child in a spelling bee. The attempt is there but there's a real lack of results which is expected. It is because of this that I have no real disdain for Kim K, and I call her that out of sheer refusal to attempt to spell her ridiculous last name. I will say this while the majority of our nation is appalled at her marital mishap I find myself strangely relieved. I like the idea that I have had benders longer then this woman's vows were honored. She reminds myself and other morally loose women that marriages aren't as hard to get out of as everyone says. Nothing quite takes the pressure off the big day like realizing that tomorrow if you wake up and want out it'll take less time to leave your husband bitter, heart broken, and embarrassed then it did to sign the pre-nup. That'll do Kim, That'll do.

Bad Cop

Congratulations. The few people that liked you, which is likely those with an IQ equivalent to an autistic parrot, now realize what I've seen from the beginning: you're nothing more than a huge ass and a boring lay (thanks for shining the light on that Ray J!). As time goes on, we learn more and more that you planned your entire relationship and wedding in order to let it fail. I will never be that girl that will get on a soap box and yell about the "sanctity of marriage", but it's also hard to come by someone that would spread their cheeks and shit on it quite as violently as she did. If she didn't know that she was going to divorce him from the beginning, I strongly believe she would have done a better job in trying to conceal her marital woes rather than airing them out so apparently. It doesn't matter what her family says in her defense, especially that botoxed mother that gets 10%. We all know this was a shame. I seriously hope the Kim K hype can die down after this disgusting ploy for attention and ratings. Khloe is the only one that can make me put down the rusty razor long enough to finish watching the episode. Oh, did I not mention that I watch their shows? Like, all of their shows. Shit, I guess I'm officially a part of the problem....



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