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Monday, January 9, 2012

Back in the Throw of Things

There's a time to give the people what they want and there's a time to walk out on stage, bringing false hopes and anticipation, only to drop the mic and disappear. We probably pulled a Chapelle prematurely with our blog and that's unfortunate. So here's our attempt to get back in the throws of things; to reach greater heights of entertainment and hilarity, and earn back your trust. We're going to treat this like we would treat any relationship we left too quickly and without a clear reason: we will tell you that you're still sexy and that we thought of you every moment we were apart, all the while knowing it is a distinct possibility that we may leave again, also without a good reason or even an obligatory good bye. So, we're sorry in advance.

Not a lot has changed. Melissa is still drunk, only in a different state. She's still bartending and refusing to adhere to an adult standard of living. Lauren's going the stand up comedy route, while Melissa is sticking to book writing. Lauren paid her dues and worked as a therapist for a time, but realized quickly that listening to people talk about their tragic lives without being able to laugh at it was a living hell.

We're a little older. Melissa's a little thinner and we're both a little more tatted up. Aside from that we're still the same. If we can't entertain you or at least shock and offend you then the next time you see us out and about, your first drink is on us. Well... it's on Melissa. It would be hard to find Lauren in a bar these days (with the exception of the occasional open mic). Here's to another few weeks of fun.

-Melissa & Lauren


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