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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cheap Shot: That Girl

That Girl:
knows her yet no one claims to be her. Perhaps all women are her at one point in time. She's nice, caring, sympathetic, and understanding. All good qualities which most likely contribute to her being gullible and prone to being taken advantage of.

Maybe at one point she was appreciated and valued but no one knows for sure. All we do know is that presently
she is a blubbering mess that chases around a guy that's sole interest in her is monetary.

Oh sweetheart, drinks are on you no doubt, but so is rent, his child support, and the cost to repair the damage he did to your car. I'm not gonna lie this type of female makes me wish I was a lesbian for monetary gain alone. When did females become so vulnerable and idiotic. How are we as a gender completely capable of passing a watermelon through our vaginal opening then return to work in a few weeks, yet some of us can't summon the strength to tell our other half to get a job. I may be the minority here but I'd let you plow through all of my girlfriends before I'd let you drain my bank account. Say what you want about a broken heart but I'd take that over botched credit any day.

Still not sure if I'm talking about you? Still convinced that your situation is completely different? Sure, there are signs and clues to let you know that you are in fact "that girl" that we all mock publicly, but lets face it you wouldn't listen to them anyway. Maybe you'd listen but you'd be to busy identifying out to put two and two together. So why should I bother?

Eventually you will have alienated yourself from half of your friends, all of your money and most of your self respect will have disappeared. These things happen, at least to you they do. So know this, when you have given him your last twenty and your gas tank is empty, your nails are in need of a fill in, and your car payment is two months over due he will no doubt be doing what he has always done. Leaving you at home crying and wondering what you did wrong, while he catches up with me at the bar and buys me drinks all night. I guess we all win...... well, two out of three ain't bad.


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