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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lauren's Free Advice: On Taking Advice

Melissa and I have been giving you all advice for the past few months, so I figure maybe it's time to address this. I hope to God none of you have actually needed this website for parenting, relationships and other random nuggets of wisdom. In case you haven't noticed, if the advice that we give can apply to you, we are usually really mocking you, not trying to help you.

There are some people out there that love to give advice. My best piece of advice: stop listening to them.

It may be time to get new friends if their best words of wisdom are typically a cliché. I think we all have a friend like that. You have a day from hell-- while all you want to do is vent and take tequila shots, he/she is spouting something about silver linings in clouds and everything happening for a reason. Sure, everything does happen for a reason, but I'd argue telling me that as I hold my eviction notice is not comforting.

I'd also advise that you not take advice from someone whose life is habitually shittier than yours. If this friend has a reserved room at the crazy house, it's best that you ignore their efforts. You can recognize this friend by the barrel of a loaded gun pressed closely to their lips.

Honestly, you're better off just winging it then listening to the girl who can't keep a guy longer than a week about what she thinks you should do about your boyfriend's wandering eye. Besides, if your life ends up in shambles, at least you can't blame anyone but yourself. Comforting? I think so.



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