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Monday, October 5, 2009

Entertainment Review: Modern Family

I had my apprehensions about seeing “Al Bundy” back on television, but I decided to give this show a try. After simply watching the pilot, I was hooked. His new character’s bigotry and cultural incompetence is amusing and sadly reminds me of my own father. I haven’t been this excited about a cable show since Friends. Watching the fat, gay guy flail about theatrically is likely the high point of every episode. Anyone that introduces their newly adopted Vietnamese baby, Lily, to the family by holding her above your head like Simba is alright with me. Similarly, any family that meets their new family member, then immediately questions an Asian child's ability to pronounce Lily is also alright with me. This let me know that I would never be able to go another week without watching this show on Hulu.

Honestly, I demand that you watch this show. Until then, watch the clip.



Dominique said...

that clip was amazing. also amazing is the inappropriateness of the google ads on the site right now. im pretty sure you guys would either make the worst Alzheimer caretakers ever, playing memory cards games all day and/or telephone, or the best for laughing in the face of a debilitating disease

Lauren said...

Hahahahahahah Oh Dominique, you know us too well. I can guarantee those things would happen. That and trying to convince all the white guys that I am their illegitimate daughter from their little sexual escapades after the war.

Dominique said...

lololol. kind of like a more sinister notebook.

meg4fancast said...

I totally agree. This show is hilarious. I think the first episode was funnier than the second but I am so excited for this week. You can watch all of them on Fancast. So good.

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