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Monday, October 5, 2009

Entertainment Review:

Despite my better judgement I curled up on the couch this evening and decided to devote thirty minutes of my precious time to the new show Sherri. Having never watched The View I was completely puzzled by the fact that someone would base a television show on a character that has the effect of icy cold water on most male's nether regions. I soon discovered that she was relatively famous, her role in entertainment being that of me and Lauren's, to mock things profusely. I have to say that my curiosity involving this show resulted from it's non stop advertisements and discovering that her sense of humor bore a slight resemblance to Lauren's sarcastic comebacks and inappropriate observations. I just had to experience this show first hand.

Sherri was exactly as advertised. A zany quick witted female who gave up on being attractive a long time ago. I was puzzled by the selection of her supporting actresses. These woman at first glance were elevens on a one to ten scale. I couldn't figure out how they were going to get their viewers to pay any attention to Sherri, who is less model and more gargoyle. After a couple of minutes I discovered they had a method to their madness. While her supporting female characters were eye pleasing they were debilitatingly stupid. I could honestly feel aneurysms beginning to pulsate through out my body in aggravation as the show progressed.

I honestly was slightly entertained. I just can't decide whether to watch the show blind folded so that I won't be nauseated at the sight of Sherri or with my tv on mute so that I wont be irritated by the dialogue of the rest of the cast.


Lauren said...

I think you owe me an apology for comparing me to her... I'll wait.

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