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Monday, August 31, 2009

News To Melissa:

Police: Kidnap suspect fathered victim's kids

"Eighteen years ago, authorities said, he kidnapped 11-year-old
Jaycee Lee Dugard on her way to catch a school bus in South Lake Tahoe. Ever
since then, they said, he kept her prisoner in a squalid backyard compound near
Antioch, raping her and fathering two daughters by her - the elder of whom is
now 15............"

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"I can only hope that his fellow inmates treat him well during his prolonged stay and that they extend the same courtesies to him as he did to his house guests. I can only imagine what type of trouble they might have, however. Attempting to impregnate anally.....not once, but twice. From what I recall lube isn't obtainable on the good majority of commissary lists. Oh well. Best of luck"


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