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Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Cop (Melissa)/Bad Cop (Lauren) - Tiny

"was it that long ago that she was dolled up in Xscape and everybody gushed about how cute she was....or was that just because she was surrounded by two avid Twinkie eaters and a suspected tranny? Either way, I was a fan. I thought she was cute then and still do now, even if she's got a few more miles on the tires."

"Good Cop"

"This bitch literally looks like Eureeka from Eureeka's Castle!!! I couldn't believe it! Don't get me wrong, I loved that show as a child, but no one wants to see their favorite puppet as a child in the form of a human. Can you imagine how freaked out you would be if Lamb Chops walked up to you in the mall? "
"Bad Cop"


Lil' Woman said...
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jwriter said...
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jwriter said...

I wasn't sure who was the bad cop or good cop, but I know one thing that was proof that you guys are awesome and your blog keeps me laughing. Melissa weren't you the good cop? LOL!!!!

Lauren said...

LOL Joe... as you can see, it's hard for either of us to be "good cop" on anything... Don't worry, I've already told Melissa... If you're in a physical fight around Melissa, she'd have your back. Just don't have a verbal spat with someone near her. She may end up making fun you for the first 20 minutes before she realizes whose side she's really on.

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